Working with Children and Child Safety Compliance Training

All Sandy Saints Coaches and Team Managers must adhere to the child safety policies from Basketball Victoria and Southern Basketball Association.

Everproof is the compliance system for the SBA and all officials, team managers and coaches must have a valid profile/account to record their accreditation and qualification.

Sandy Saints regularly audits our members to ensure our club is maintaining these standards

Mandatory Compliance

The Club is committed to maintaining child safety standards.

In accordance with the SBA By-Laws, Coaches and Team Managers are not permitted to participate in any official capacity until all courses have been completed.

All Sandy Saints Coaches and Team Managers must have completed the following courses prior to the season starting.

  • A minimum of Community Coaching Course (Level 0) - coaches only.

  • Working with Children’s Certification

  • Basketball Victoria Member Protection Declaration

  • Play by the Rules - Child protection

  • Play by the Rules - Harassment and discrimination

Uploading of these qualifications to Everpoof

Further information on SBA’s Child Safety requirements and obligations can be found on the website.

Please see the WWC website for further information.

It is SBA and Club policy that all committee members, coaches, TMs and parent volunteers are required to record their WWC details with Everproof:

The legislation does have some exemptions. Police and teachers (who have separate checks) do not have to get a WWC. However, the Club requires proof of the respective occupation (i.e a copy of the teacher’s registration card).

The legislation also exempts parents where their children are playing in the team in which the parent is involved as a coach or Team Manager. Also exempt are adults where all children in a team are closely related to the person.

However, in accordance with Basketball Victoria’s policy (updated 23 February 2015) the Club will not recognise these exemptions and will require those parents or close relatives to have a valid WWC. This is in line with most sports and this sort of measure reinforces the priority the Club places on child safety.

Basketball Victoria’s policy can be accessed below.

Any questions regarding mandatory compliance can be sent to the relevant age group registrar.

Everproof can be accessed via