Team Composition Policy

The aim of the Sandy Saints Basketball Club is to:

  • Give all children the opportunity to play Basketball

  • Give each player an opportunity to develop their Basketball ability and skills

  • Give all players a positive and enjoyable experience playing a team sport.

The team selection process involves the Junior and Senior Registrar with oversight by the Committee.

Please be aware that changes to teams from season to season are inevitable as players go up in age, limits due to representative basketball points, abilities are taken into consideration, and new players join the club. The selection process is conducted with the following considerations:

  1. Every player who registered on time will be considered in the registration period. Places cannot be held for unregistered players.

  1. As required by the SBA By-laws all teams are required to have a minimum of 7 players. Variances to these numbers may require Sandy Saints Committee approval. For example, if a team has 8 players and there is a child in need of a team, the Coach and TM may be asked to accommodate the extra player.

  1. Requests from team managers & parents regarding their child will be considered in a confidential manner and only considered via email to either the Junior or Senior Registrar.

  1. Younger age groups and new teams/players will be given the opportunity to play with friends wherever possible depending on the overall registrations for the age group. Requests for team members will be taken into consideration but the final composition of teams cannot be guaranteed until after the registration period has closed.

Please be advised that the final team grading (not player) for all teams is determined by the Southern Basketball Association (SBA) and not by Sandy Saints. The Club does not have control over the final team grading level of the teams. The first 4 weeks of each season are grading games and re-grading of teams also occurs after this time if necessary.

If a Team Manager has concerns about grading please contact the Club Registrar for your age group in the first instance before contacting the SBA.